Green Coffee Bean Max spainGreen coffee bean is getting plenty of popularity among the people all round the world for its various health benefits. Due to this popularity and increase in its number of buyers, there are many suppliers that have cropped up who provide sub-standard green coffee beans. If you are from Spain then this article will help you decide the right place to find green coffee bean extract in Spain. Green Coffee Bean Max is the best buy in this category, and the reasons are given below.

Health Benefit of This Product

  • Normal coffee beans are roasted at the temperature of 475 degrees, which is why they are dark in color, but in this whole process of roasting coffee beans lose 90% of the components which can help in the burning of fat and antioxidants of your body. But in this product you get all those contents as they are 100% pure green coffee bean and therefore help your body in losing weight.
  • By the consumption of this product your body shows better absorption of fat and better working of liver. Presence of clorogenic acid also results in the reduction of anti-oxidants in your body.

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Advantages of Buying This Product

There are several benefits of buying this product online from their official website, apart from the fact that you get an authentic product. Some of the benefits are:

  • When you buy this product for the first time, you get completely free access to their online fitness program. This program can really help you in getting much faster results in your weight-loss efforts. The information that you will get is especially for the customers and not for general public.
  • You will get an e-book completely free which is actually worth $29.97. This e-book will give you complete information about various benefits of drinking water when on a weight-loss program. You will get information about ways to increase the metabolism of your body. There will be information that can help you understand your body type, which will help you immensely in deciding better diet and workout schedules.
  • You will get another e-book completely free, which will give you details about several nutrition secrets. You will found about the food products that will help you in achieving better weight loss. You will also get recipes of the dishes which provide low-calorie to your body. You will also get detail about the food product that you should avoid while on weight-loss regime, you will be surprised to find few names of food items here. The price of this e-book in retail market is $29.97.

You get both the e-books mentioned above worth $29.97 each, completely free with the product.

Product Cost and Shipping Charges

Standard Offer
If you buy this product for 1 month the price would be $39.95 and the shipping charges would be $6.95 for standard shipping, rush shipping costs $12.95.

Value Offer
If you buy this product for 2 months you get 1 additional pack free, therefore total of 3 months’ supply for the cost of 2 months. So you pay $79.85 and you get a discount of 34%. Standard shipping is completely free, rush shipping costs $6.95.

Best Value Offer
If you buy this product for 3 months you get 3 additional packs free, therefore total of 6 months’ supply for the cost of 3 months. So you pay $119.70 and you get a discount of 50%. Standard shipping is completely free, rush shipping costs $6.95.

Standard shipping mentioned above will deliver you the product in 5-10 days, while if you choose the option of rush shipping the product would reach you in 1-3 days.

If you are thinking to order green coffee bean in Spain, then the best brand to buy is Green Coffee Bean Max. You not only get free shipping but also a chance to save 50% of your money and also free shipping on select packages.

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