You will hear many people asking this question “is green coffee bean extract safe?” This article will answer this question by describing what green coffee bean extract is, the health benefits associated with it and its safety.


coffee bean diet capsulesWhat is green bean extract?

Coffee the famous drink, is made from roasted coffee beans. However, the process of making coffee beans is different. The coffee beans are not roasted, but they are soaked and concentrated. Research has shown that roasting coffee beans increases their antioxidant levels, but at the same time decreases an acid called chlorogenic.

Green coffee beans therefore have higher levels of chlorogenic acid, which is believed to have numerous health benefits. The extract does not taste or smell like coffee. This is an enormous benefit for people who do not love coffee made from roasted beans.


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The following benefits are associated with the extract:

Antioxidant properties

The main component of the extract, which is chlorogenic acid, has natural antioxidant properties. It is helpful in combating free radicals in one’s blood stream. This results in improved blood circulation and slowing down of the body’s aging process.

Weight loss

The chlorogenic acid available in green coffee beans is believed to affect the body’s metabolism. It also prevents the body from storing and absorbing fat hence aiding in weight loss. Researchers have discovered that people using the extract have significantly reduced their weight without changing exercise or eating habits. This means that the weight loss can be speeded up if people using the extract ate sensibly and exercised regularly.

Positive effect on chronic diseases

Regular uptake of green coffee extract has positive effects on some chronic diseases like heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Chlorogenic acid works on blood vessels helping to reduce symptoms of heart disease and blood pressure. It also stabilizes blood sugar levels in the body.


Is green coffee bean extract safe?

Having heard about the health benefits of green coffee bean, most people are still concerned about its safety. This is due to the small population that has been involved in its research. Additionally, a manufacturer of the extract has funded research that has been done so far. However, people need to note that no significant side effects have been reported by the many people who are currently using this extract. The truth is that more people are buying the green coffee bean extract after hearing the testimonies of the users.

Some doctors like Dr. Lindsey Duncan and Dr. Oz have endorsed the use of green coffee pills as a safe weight loss solution. To receive maximum benefits from this extract, people need to follow directions from the manufacturers. It seems that the extract is better used without any additives. One also needs to follow the suggested daily dose. The right time to take the extract is before meals. For best results, the weight loss supplement should be taken on a routine basis. If one is taking prescription drugs, a doctor’s advice should be sought before taking this diet pill.

To answer the question if green coffee bean extract is safe, the answer is yes. Those using the extract are getting many health benefits. Additionally, no significant side effects have been reported so far.

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