green coffee bean capsulesHealth and wellness problems are some of the most traumatizing issues of this age. Instead of bitter pangs of hunger humanity is now crippled more by the health hazards of overweight. Obesity is incapacitating a number of people while diseases that were rare are now more rampant. Cardiovascular system problems, high blood pressure, heart attacks, bad cholesterol problems, cancers and heart failure have increased more than ever before. To solve the problems of overweight and massive body fat, many manufacturers have developed lose-weight-quick products with praiseworthy excellence. The pure green coffee bean capsules are such premier products.


What makes the pure green coffee bean capsules exceptional?

These products are simply fresh and unroasted coffee beans which contains substantial amounts of Chlorogenic acid. The acid is the active ingredient in the capsules responsible for weight loss. When coffee beans are roasted, Chlorogenic acid is destroyed resulting in either dismal quantities or an impotent compound. Study after study has revealed that a good combination of caffeine and chlorogenic acid, as is evident in the capsules, is capable of initiating quick weight loss.


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One study with the green coffee bean extract on a group of 16 people with body weight mass indices ranging from 25% to 35%, and of the ages between 22 and 46, gave exciting results. After giving the capsules and monitoring the participants’ exercises and diets for 22 weeks, ensuring that they averaged at 2,400 calories and spent 400 calories every day (levels that were not capable of initiating weight loss), changes in weight demonstrated the potential of the extract. The participants averaged at 17 pounds weight loss, which came down to around 10.5 percent overall body weight losses and around 16% body fat losses.
Chlorogenic acid in the extract is classified as an antioxidant. It is essential for the inhibition of bodily reactions that generate free radicals. The radicals are quite dangerous to the body, damaging body cells, disrupting the DNA structure, promoting aging, and increasing the risks of cancer.


How does chlorogenic acid achieve the reduction in weight?

Researchers have demonstrated that the acid has the capacity to slow down the rate of production of glucose from food. Produced glucose must usually be used in the body before they are stored or converted to fat when there is low energy demand. People who do not exercise to utilize glucose risk having increased levels of body fat. However, taking the capsules introduces chlorogenic acid into the body which reduces the amounts of generated glucose, increases the rate of utilization of body fat and causes weight loss.
There are a variety of green bean capsules sold out in the market to suit different needs. However, the most popular are the 800mg capsules with no filler additives and packed in 60s with utmost vegetarian friendliness. Ensuring that the product is 100% pure and contains at least 50% chlorogenic acid is extremely critical.

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