Anyone who has tried or is trying to lose the extra pounds knows that losing weight is always an uphill task. A regular workout at the gym and a tight noose around the diet is what your instructor, dietician and almost everyone else around you will suggest. However even after religiously following the above instructions, the result is not satisfactory for most people. They always feel the need of an extra push to jump-start the metabolism and melt the fat away. This is where green coffee bean with Svetol comes in picture. This 100% genuine, natural product is designed to help you shed pounds naturally.


Why choose Green Coffee Bean with Svetol?

With the market flooded with a million weight loss pills and products, a logical question is why should you choose this product? The following points answer your query:

  • Green coffee beans with Svetol contain CGA or Chlorogenic Acid. This is a powerful natural anti oxidant, works as an anti hypertensive and also slows the release of glucose from a meal.
  • The CGA is derived from unroasted green coffee beans and studies prove that the anti oxidant potential of coffee is more than twice that of chocolate.
  • The combination is not only rich in CGA but is also replete with Caffeic acid, another potent antioxidant. Caffeic acid is known to limit the process of lipid oxidation in liver.
  • The unique combination of Svetol, effectively limits or rather eliminates certain harmful substances found in coffee, which if taken in high amounts can produce serious side effects on the human body. Thus the formulation is free of cafestol and kahweol. It also adds less caffeine in your body than a quarter cup of regular coffee. A single 400mg capsule is equal to 3 to 6 cups of coffee.
  • It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and also is wheat, nut, soy and gluten free.
  • The Svetol formulation contains 50% of the recommended CGA for fat b


Proven Effectiveness

The effectiveness of Green coffee bean with Svetol is proven by a study carried out on 50 volunteers. The participants belonged to 19 – 75 years age group and had a body mass index of more than 25. They were divided in two groups; one group was given 400mg of Svetol daily while the other group was given placebo. Both groups were observed for a period of 60 days.

At the end of the observation period, the results of both the groups showed that the group, which was given daily supplementation, lost around 5.7% of their initial weight. The average weight lost was recorded around 11 pounds or 5kgs.


Scientific Analysis

A scientific study of the above results established that the superior effectiveness of the product was because of two important factors. Firstly it was attributed to the fact that the bioavailability of CGA from the formulation was higher. This means that higher amount of CGA was absorbed by the body, without getting broken down in the digestive tract. Secondly, the given formulation effectively lowers the blood sugar levels in the body after a meal.

For best results take 1 capsule of green coffee beans with Svetol 30 minutes prior to breakfast and lunch. You must continue the treatment for at least 60 days for visible results. Remember this pill is a supplement, which works best with a planned diet and exercise program. It is essential to eat a healthy, well balanced meal and engage in physical activity in any form (swimming, jogging, cycling) for a at least 30 minutes everyday to gain maximum benefits.

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