Obesity is one of the most common lifestyle ailments in the world today. It is the root cause for various illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure, heart diseases etc. People with weight issues try to lose weight by trying different options like fad diets, exercising, diet pills, surgeries etc. In some cases it works, but most of the times losing weight ends up becoming the most difficult thing to do. Thankfully there are some options that make weight loss look like a cake walk. One such easy way to lose weight is the regular intake of green coffee bean extract.


About Green Coffee Bean

There are several green coffee bean reviews on the internet written by people who have benefitted from the product. Green coffee bean is nothing but coffee beans in its raw form, before it is roasted to make your morning brew. However, unlike roasted coffee beans, green coffee beans have a lot of health benefits and its regular consumption is one of the best and natural ways to lose weight. Different manufacturers have come up with various green coffee pills that promote weight loss and also help in weight management.


Different Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

People around the world have been using green coffee bean extract for weight loss and most of them got positive results from the same. Green coffee bean helps in losing weight as it accelerates your body’s rate of metabolism. It is also an appetite suppressant, so with regular intake of the product you naturally eat less. As per many green coffee bean extract reviews, users have claimed that they started experiencing weight loss from the very first week since they used the product.

Along with dealing with weight issues, regular consumption of Green Coffee bean extract controls your body’s craving for sugar. It keeps a tab on the blood sugar level in the body and helps control diabetes. It also helps in controlling ailments related to blood pressure. As per new studies, green coffee bean extract also plays a significant role in keeping your cholesterol under control. All these reason coupled with the green coffee bean reviews from users around the world are responsible to make the product the most widely used weight loss supplement.


Side Effects

Green Coffee bean extract is a safe and a natural supplement that helps in losing weight. But like a yin for every yang, there are a few downsides to the product. Fortunately, most green coffee bean side effects are not severe and cause no damage to the body. The biggest side effect of the product is hyperactivity, shakiness, jitters, sleeplessness and other symptoms that are common when you consume too much caffeine.

This can be avoided by buying products that have negligible amounts of caffeine. As per Dr. Oz any product with about 10% caffeine content is safe to use and wouldn’t cause any of the above symptoms. Some users also complain of stomach cramps due to its regular intake. This symptom is typical for products that contain additives and fillers; hence, it is best to check the composition before buying the extract.

As per a few green coffee bean reviews, some users also suffered from minor headaches and anxiety due to the caffeine content. Green coffee bean extract also should be avoided during diarrhea and by people suffering from irritable bowel symptoms. However, all of the users mentioned that considering the benefits of the supplement, the side-effects were negligible.


Precautions While Using the Supplement

Though the supplement is 100% natural, it is important to buy the product only from the best manufacturer. Green Coffee Bean Max is one of the best coffee bean extract brand available in the market. There are hundreds of green coffee bean reviews to corroborate the effectiveness of the product.  The product is safe to use, hence, you don’t need any prescription to buy the product. Still there are some cases that are listed below, where it is best to avoid the extract

  • Though there is no research to link it to any hazard, it is best to avoid green bean coffee bean extract during pregnancy
  • Nursing mothers should also avoid using the product till they completely stop breast feeding their baby.
  • People with anxiety disorders should avoid using coffee bean extracts as the caffeine content might aggravate their anxiety.
  • People with any kind of bleeding disorders should avoid the intake of the product.
  • If you are undergoing any kind of medical treatment, it is imperative to discuss it with your physician before you start the course.
  • People suffering from osteoporosis should avoid the product as the caffeine can lead to excess calcium being flushed out of your body through urine.

If you fall in any of the categories, it is best to discuss with a medical professional before you start using green coffee bean extracts. For best results check the composition of the product and opt for brands that use organic green coffee beans in their supplements. Also look for the ingredient Svetol in the composition. Green coffee bean extract with Svetol has 45% Chlorogenic Acids and more than 50% polyphenols.

Where to Buy

You can buy the product from any pharmacy around the world or you can order it online. It is readily available on the internet, but before you order, read every green coffee bean extract review and understand the pros and cons from existing users.


The Verdict

Green Coffee Bean extract is definitely an accepted and a healthy way for a rapid and healthy weight loss. The product became popular in 2012, since Dr. Oz spoke about it on his show. He called it ‘the fastest fat burning product that doesn’t need any diet or exercise’. Though in certain cases, the product may have some side effects; most of them are negligible as compared to the benefits you can reap from it. Overall, using green coffee bean extracts is a best option for people to lose weight, especially people who cannot exercise or follow gruesome diets.

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