Pure green coffee bean extract 800 mg is one of the few weight loss products on the market today, that do not contain chemicals and other harmful additives. It contains only natural ingredients, meaning that there are no side effects whatsoever. It is for this reason, and the many other benefits of the product as well, that it is fast becoming the most popular weight loss aid on the market today, for overweight people in all corners of the world. One of the recommended green coffee bean pills is Green Coffee Bean Max. Although it contains 400 mg each serving size you can double the usage to get the 800 mg benefits.

Just a few of the many reasons of taking this product to lose excess weight include:


  • the ingredients used to make the product are 100% natural
  • the ingredients are 100% pure
  • the product contains no harmful additives
  • no uncomfortable side effects
  • weight loss is noticeable after just a few days of using the product


Apart from it being an excellent weight loss aid though, pure green coffee bean extract 800 mg also has some remarkable health benefits too, such as:

Keeping the blood sugar level at a healthy balance

This weight loss product contains a large amount of chlorogenic acid, which helps in reducing the release of an enzyme called G6P. This keeps the level of sugar in the blood well balanced, which promotes weight loss, improves mental alertness, and increases energy levels as well.
During this process, the need for increased food intake is eliminated, and the temperature of the body rose as well, which is a normal occurrance in the body, in order to burn fat.

Increased metabolism

The chlorogenic acid contained in the product also changes the absorption of glucose in the body, thereby raising the metabolism, and increasing energy levels significantly.

Zero chemicals

The product contains absolutely no chemicals whatsoever, due to the fact that the beans have not been roasted. Instead, the chlorogenic acid in the product is able to lower blood pressure in those people with mild to medium levels of hypertension. It also contains high levels of antioxidants, which eliminate free radicals, thus helping in the prevention of cancer.

In addition to this, studies have also shown that the easiest and most effective way for any overweight individual to lose excess weight, is by eating foods that contain high levels of antioxidants. In other words, because this product contains a high concentration of antioxidants, weight is lost naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Reduced aging process

The antioxidants in the product also help tremendously to slow down the normal aging process.

No side effects

As mentioned earlier, the product contains only pure, 100% natural ingredients, and will not cause any side effects whatsoever.

Green Coffee Bean Max in particular, is a weight loss supplement that comes highly recommended by many medical professionals, such as the world famous Dr. Oz. This is mainly due to the fact that the product is extremely effective in helping overweight people to lose weight, and is perfectly safe for most people to use, because it is made from only natural products, and causes no adverse side effects whatsoever.

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