Coffee Bean for weight lossIndividuals who have tried many of the hyped weight loss products may approach the usage of pure green coffee extract with skepticism. Does green coffee bean extract work? Is it really worth the much talk and excitement it has aroused? Certainly it works and it is worthier than the discussions around it! The evidence about its efficacy is not in the talk but in the faces of happy users and the reports of satisfied researchers. These evidences have been posted on major bean extract review sites and authentic journals for any skeptics to see.

Before the discovery of the active ingredient of the coffee bean extract, many myths surrounded the magical weight loss results produced by the product. Some people even doubted its efficacy because of the earlier view that it was caffeine that was responsible for the loss of weight. Many ardent researchers however pressed on and finally the news was out. So, how does the extract work? It works through the chemical chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid helps in weight loss by acting on the body’s metabolic system. The chemical reduces the utilization of carbohydrates to produce glucose and instead promotes the conversion of fat to energy. Now that is good news to those who understand just how nuisance body fat can be! Remember that excess glucose can also be converted to fat and the reduction of the amounts of glucose generated halts this conversion pathway. Researches have also shown that this chlorogenic acid body weight reduction process can work without dietary changes and exercises, though the process would be quicker with these adjustments.


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The other essential working mechanism of chlorogenic acid is the inhibition of the oxidation processes that lead to production of free radicals. Even though this is not directly important in weight loss, it is a crucial health and wellness benefit that cannot be ignored. Free radicals are potentially harmful compounds that are generated by certain chemical reactions in the body. The radicals can damage body cells, disrupt DNA structures, promote the process of aging, and increase the risk of cancer. By inhibiting radical production, the acid is thought to be exceptionally valuable in the prevention of cancer and reduction in the aging process.

In order to benefit from green bean coffee extracts, it is necessary to ensure that the brand you purchase contains more than 50% chlorogenic acid. The advisable daily dose is 400mg to 800 mg. Studies have demonstrated that taking the bean coffee extract will reduce more than 15% of the overall body fat and more than 10% overall body weight in a matter of weeks. The other particularly useful feature of this product over amphetamines is the ability to work without the side effects of sweats, heart palpitations, mood changes and jitteriness.

The product only interrupts the release of glucose energy by the liver, compelling the body to use fat. Now, does green coffee bean extract work? Most definitely! Users only need to buy quality brands in order to reap the benefits of this product. Try shopping for Green Coffee Bean Max at the official site and get matchless quality and rates.

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